Urban Beatz – Hip Hop

This is an intriguing selection of instrumental Hip Hop music inspired by the street dancing on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Track List:

Just Chillin’ 3:55
Goin’ Solo 3:37
I Want You 5:40
Come Away 4:14
Geekin’ It 3:03
Music Box 3:33
A Sunny Day 3:35
Choose Me 3:14
A Mystery To Me 2:55
Guitar Grooves 3:37
Oh Yeah! 3:15
Showin’ Off 3:46
The Cat 3:23
Voodoo Explosion 3:37
Just Do It 3:10
Blippin’ the Day Away 3:21
New York Minute 3:13
Sweet Dreamz 3:23
Start the Clock 3:38
Take Off 3:29

This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and at other music download sites around the world for $9.49 (Amazon) or $9.99 (iTunes).  However, if you buy the album from this site the price will be only $7.50. Enjoy!

Urban Beats Cover 1500x1500         

Listen To Samples From This Album:

I Want You:

Come Away:

Listen to more music from this album at SoundCloud

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