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Symphonie Magick

This music was inspired by my observance of a Wiccan solstice celebration. It may be used for personal reflection, meditation, or for a Wiccan ceremony.

Track List:

Seekers Of Truth 8:45
Rituals 15:43
The Warlock 6:07
Seasons of the Witch 14:24
Divinations 11:43
Hidden Knowledge 10:10

This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and at other music download sites around the world for $9.49 (Amazon) or $9.99 (iTunes).  However, if you buy the album from this site the price will be only $7.50. Enjoy!

Symphonie Magick by Scott Shannon


Listen To Samples From This Album:

Seekers of Truth

The Warlock

Listen to more music from this album at SoundCloud