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Music For Kids

This is a selection of original music for kids (aged 3-10) that, I think, won’t drive you crazy when your child listens to it over and over again. It is in a variety of genres and is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and to get them up and moving or dancing to the music.

Track List:

A Silly Chase 2:40
Busy Bee 2:33
Clowns 2:42
A World of Wonder 2:43
Baby Sings the Blues 2:49
Happy Together 2:35
Be Careful 2:39
Kid’s Polka 2:44
Cartoons 2:58
Follow Me 2:48
Do the Can Can 2:42
Fun For You and Me 2:38
It’s 1925! 2:39
Tag, You’re It~ 2:43
It’s a Mystery to Me 2:43
The Magic Castle 2:43
Let’s Rock! 2:42
My Adventures 2:41
The Little Ballerina 2:49
Sneaking Around 3:12
Play With Me 2:42
The Banjo Dance 2:39
Sleep Well 2:40
The Magician 2:52
A Bit of Classical 2:38
Toys on Parade 2:33

This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and at other music download sites around the world for $9.49 (Amazon) or $9.99 (iTunes).  However, if you buy the album from this site the price will be only $7.50. Enjoy!

Music For Kids by Scott Shannon


Listen To Samples From This Album:

A World of Wonder

Follow Me

Tag. You’re It!

The Magic Castle