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Automatic Music Composition Software

This video illustrates some of the features of HarmonyBuilder (Professional) – the music composition software application that unleashes the power of automated composition! Using the harmonic approach to composition, you will see how easily you can create a chord progression from the chord wheel, and how each chord can be voiced perfectly according to the rules of harmony.

More info at http://www.harmonybuilder.com


THE NIGHTMARE – Original Music Composition

Original music and orchestral composition “The Nightmare”, by Christopher Antoniou. This piece portrays the hostile dichotomy between hellish surrealism and intervals of blissful sleep, culminating in the single nightmare of extremes. This preview recording is with midi computer generated sounds from my score, yet providing an orchestra large enough play from my original score, a rounder and richer timbre would form. Classical music composition created by Christopher Antoniou ©.

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Emotional Piano Music – Just In Time (Original Composition)

An original piano piece called Just In Time.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been waiting, but it was starting to seem like he wasn’t going to show. She turned to walk away when she felt a familiar hand touch her arm from behind ‘Sorry I’m late’ she turned to face him, smiled and said…

I am not the artist of the artwork http://www.onsecrethunt.com/wallpaper/wp-content/uploads/101/Beautiful-Girl-Anime-Scenery-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg

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Resistance (Epic Dramatic Trailer Music – Original Composition)

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This track is another one based off an earlier composition that I originally made in Finale. I took the basic theme and expanded on it, and I think it turned out pretty well.

I’ve been posting a lot of original compositions lately, but I’m currently working on some more remixes. Expect another ShadowBeatz remix in the near future 😀

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Most Sad Piano Music – Emotional Instrumental Medley [FULL] (Royalty Free Piano Music)

Most Sad Piano Music – Emotional Instrumental Medley [FULL]
(Original Composition)
This music is “Original royalty free piano music.
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Naoya Sakamata[PIANO music Channel]

♫Song Title & Download Link♫

Op.1 Embers Of The Soul
Op.2 Mirror
Op.3 Peace Infection [MV] https://youtu.be/CikmNiQAbzk
Op.4 Determination Of Someone [MV] https://youtu.be/1tMqU0Av01E
Op.5 Hide Hostility [MV] https://youtu.be/VVL2Bs-IqJY
Op.6 Cold Pulsation [MV] https://youtu.be/iG47Is1keX8
Op.7 Afreet [MV] https://youtu.be/Cq-MnNziQ5A
Op.8 Embodiment [MV] https://youtu.be/_pnzOulH2YU
Op.9 Era sleep


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3 HOURS Relaxing Music “Evening Meditation” Background for Yoga, Massage, Spa

3 HOURS Relaxing Music “Evening Meditation”. Relax your mind and body during this background calming instrumental composition. Use it for Zen meditation, Reiki, Yoga, spa, sleep, massage and study in background.
Our another new amaing meditation video

Chinese Music for Acupunture by EduardoArenas is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


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Music Composition – How To To Create Contrasting Chordal Textures (part 2) – Music Composition

http://AdvancingGuitaristProgram.com For more creative ways to
apply modern music theory to the guitar fingerboard.

http://www.GuitarCoaching.com Especially designed for newbie
players; learn how to apply the language of music to the guitar

Music Composition – How To Use Geometrical Inversions To Create Contrasting
Chordal Textures (part 2)

Hello this is Mike Hayes and I’d like to welcome you to our video
on music composition;

On this video we’ll look at some of the creative ways we can
approach the subject of writing music, the main focus of this
video will be about geometrical inversions.

So before we get right into the actual writing of the music I’d
just like to explain the concept of geometrical inversions when
we’re doing music composition. geometrical inversions is a
thematic development tool. it’s a way of presenting the one
musical idea four different ways; as you experiment with the
techniques and the concepts that I’ll present in this video
you’ll find that certain inversions of your melody will be more
expressive or have a more interesting character.

To show you how this works I’m just going to ask you to image
that this line represents the pitch element of my melody and
underneath here I’ll mark in the rhythmic pattern, so this is the
original presentation of my melody, it’s just going to be a one
bar melody at the moment; so we’ll call this section “A”, this is
the original presentation of our theme.

The “B” inversion of this melody would be to play the
exact same thing only backwards, like this, this would be the
pitch element and the rhythmic element would be presented like
this … so this is the “B” inversion.

The “C” inversion of the melody would be the same as the original
only this time it would not only be backwards but it would be
upside down; like this. here is the rhythm I’m marking in, so
this would be inversion “C”; it’s essentially like we’re looking
in a puddle of water and we’re seeing a reflection, the “C”
inversion is a reflection of the “B” inversion. And finally, the
“D” inversion of our melody would be exactly the same as our
original melody in the “A” position only this time it would be
upside down, so this is how it would look … and just marking in
our rhythms again, and as you can see the “D” inversion is a
reflection of the original theme, the “A” section.

O. K, now what I’ve done I’ve transferred our original sketch
over on to music paper so my first theme is just a very scale-
like theme, I’m starting on a C note, D and then E that’s the
pitch element and if you’ll recall we had this rhythmic pattern
of 2+1+1.

Now, to write in the “B” inversion it’s just simply going to be
the exact same original theme only backwards. So we’ll start by
writing in a one beat E, followed by a one beat D and then
finishing on a two beat C. O. K I think it’s pretty easy to see
what I’ve done there but it will give you a different melody. Our
next project is to show you how we can workout how to get an
exact reflection of our original theme when we invert the melody
in the “C” position and the “D” position. Now, to find our exact
reflection in the melody for our inversion “C” and inversion “D”

I’m going to begin by marking in our axis point the C, and I’m
actually going to work on the “D” inversion firstly it’s just a
little bit easier to show you that first.

So, the note C will remain exactly the same for the “d”
inversion, however, what I’m wanting to do now is measure how far
away is the second note in our melody from the note C and if I go
down to the keyboard here I can see it’s a distance of two
semitones, so to find the mirror image of the melody in the “A”
section what i do I measure down two semitones from C and that
would give me the note Bb; there’s my C

And now I’m going to mark in the note Bb, the next note in my
original melody is a distance of one, two, three, four semitones
from the keynote C .

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Music Composition Tutorial – 04 Musical DNA

This is where the nuts and bolts of this type of composition start paying off.

You could almost think of it as a formula:

Motive + Motive = Phrase

Motive + Something Else = Phrase

In case of longer or more complex phrases (usually built up of small motives):
Motive + Motive = Subphrase

Subphrase + Something Else = Phrase

After that:
Phrase + Phrase = Period

Period + Period = Passage/Section (I like to use the word section)

Section + Section = Getting into whole piece territory, but we’ll get into macro structure later.

By the way, “To The Moon” is a great game. Why not buy it? http://freebirdgames.com/to_the_moon/


Game Music Composition in FL Studio – Dungeon King

Based on a MIDI I also made, This work is finished. Intended for game use.

‘Spatial Harmonics’ – polychromatic composition by Dolores Catherino

An intuitive, musical exploration of harmonic ‘superspace’.

Continuing musical explorations in a journey toward the outer limits of polychromatic harmonic interactions, while maintaining a quasi-tonal orientation for conventional musical reference, as a point of departure.

This composition attempts to convey a sense that to the 3 spatial dimensions of length, width and depth, can be added a 4th dimension of auditory spacetime. That is, of duration and the evolving expression of multidimensional shapes and other qualia (immeasurable phenomena) accessible only through auditory perception.

Aural resolution: 106 pitches per octave (106ET)

more information: dolorescatherino.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dolomuse/

Polychromatic score and audio files available for download on my website.


Odesi Music Composition Software Talkthrough

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Digital DJ Tips Full Review: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2015/12/review-video-odesi-music-composition-software/

Fibonacci Numbers and Phi in Music and Music Composition

In which I discuss Fibonacci Numbers and Phi in Music and Music Composition. It’s rather self-explanatory. By the way, I say “Ewler” at some point…I totally meant “Ewer”. I am so sorry!
Songs by P!nk and Nate Ruess (Just Give Me a Reason), Queen (Somebody to Love), Carly Rae Jepson (Call Me Maybe), and The Lumineers (Ho Hey).

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Music Composition Tutorial – 01 Tension and Release

Tension and release is a common theme in music.

This is the inagural video for the series, so expect the bumps (editing, video and sound issues) to be smoothed out over the course of time.

Some more pieces to check out for tension and release:
Ligeti: http://youtu.be/-iVYu5lyX5M
More Ligeti: http://youtu.be/GrVagXdfnbc
Slayer: http://youtu.be/CUDWLp1yIWw
Oingo Boingo: http://youtu.be/sROhhid5CB4
Rusko (Netsky remix): http://youtu.be/dD40VXFkusw
Reich (minimalism): http://youtu.be/ZXJWO2FQ16c

Tension and release are in pretty much everything.


Sad Piano Music – The Absent Heart (Original Composition)

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Song – The Absent Heart (c) All Rights Reserved
Composed & Produced by Peter Gundry
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