‘Spatial Harmonics’ – polychromatic composition by Dolores Catherino

An intuitive, musical exploration of harmonic ‘superspace’.

Continuing musical explorations in a journey toward the outer limits of polychromatic harmonic interactions, while maintaining a quasi-tonal orientation for conventional musical reference, as a point of departure.

This composition attempts to convey a sense that to the 3 spatial dimensions of length, width and depth, can be added a 4th dimension of auditory spacetime. That is, of duration and the evolving expression of multidimensional shapes and other qualia (immeasurable phenomena) accessible only through auditory perception.

Aural resolution: 106 pitches per octave (106ET)

more information: dolorescatherino.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dolomuse/

Polychromatic score and audio files available for download on my website.


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