Dance! Music For Modern Dance

The 15 tracks on this album represent a wide range of musical styles for modern and contemporary dance. And any of them may be used in performance or at dance competitions. If you wish to use this music for a public performance please let me know the details and I will send you the appropriate permission. I only ask that you purchase one copy of the album.

Track List:

A Black Rose 3:50
Cowboy Rhapsody 3:12
Flying To Kenya 3:51
Flamenco Bombay 5:29
Gifts for the King 3:09
I Sing of Thee 4:46
Metal Rhapsody 5:05
Morning On Mars 8:49
Opium Lillaby 4:24
O-Sine-O, Mine-O 5:00
Praise To The One 5:01
Rhythm of Life 3:15
Te Quiero No Mas 5:16
Techno Joy 4:43
A Twist In Time 5:38

This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and at other music download sites around the world for $9.49 (Amazon) or $9.99 (iTunes).  However, if you buy the album from this site the price will be only $7.50. Enjoy!

Music for Modern Dance


Listen To Samples From This Album:

Flamenco Bombay

Cowboy Rhapsody

Listen to the complete album at Soundcloud



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