Emotional Piano Music – Postdrome (Original Composition)

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Relaxing with a hint of sadness, somewhere in between. With a turbulent middle section inspired by classical pieces by Mozart & Liszt.
I get migraines regularly. Anyone who gets them knows they aren’t fun. Most get blurry vision just before (Aura) then the actual migraine (Attack), after that theres a hangover sort of feeling thats called the Postdrome.
I was Postdrome while recording this.

The music reflects the mood I was in during it. It may sound cheesy but I do find it true that sometimes thoughts, emotions etc can be shown more accurately through music and art.

So I guess what is trying to come through here is the feeling of fatigue, with the underlying relief and peace but still lingering pain. I bet you’ve known this at some point in your life. How metaphorical. Everyones got their migraines.

It starts with a sad guitar melody with bass guitar then goes into an orchestral version of the melody, then into the classical mid section. And the third section is the melody from the start played on piano.

Hope you enjoy =)

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