Classical Music Composition Lessons Online 2

Classical Music Composition Lessons Online 2

Hi! I’m Stephanie Ann Boyd. I’m a classical composer in New York City, and I teach composition via skype and facetime! Lessons are either once or twice a week, and are about fifty minutes long. Each week you’ll bring in your work and we’ll spend the first half of the lesson talking about it. The rest of the lesson will be spent workshopping your piece, and doing compositional exercises.

For example… You’ll bring in a string quartet you’ve written five minutes of. If I ask you where the main high point is, could you tell me? What are ways we can make that moment pop even more? Chances are that we’ll look at your combination of dynamics, your articulation markings, and the ranges your instruments happen to be in at that point in order to make that strong moment in your music even stronger.

Work happens on your own time during the week and in real time during our lesson. If you have any questions about your music notation software (i.e. finale or sibelius), chances are I’ll be able to answer them or help you troubleshoot.

I’ll also give you a new piece of music each week to listen to and think about and study, something specifically geared towards new skills or instrumentations or ideas we’ve gone over in recent lessons.

Watch the next video to see where and how your music will be performed when you’re in my studio!


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