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Automatic Music Composition Software

This video illustrates some of the features of HarmonyBuilder (Professional) – the music composition software application that unleashes the power of automated composition! Using the harmonic approach to composition, you will see how easily you can create a chord progression from the chord wheel, and how each chord can be voiced perfectly according to the rules of harmony.

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DIY Graphic Tee (Super Simple)

Hey guys! Graphic tees are super trendy this summer but they can be pretty expensive. So I decided to do a super simple DIY that you can do in 30 minutes or less. Hope you enjoy and come up with some unique prints! If you do, don’t hesitate to share them with us:
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My instagram: @stephanievalenzuela

The iron on transfers I used:…

Pineapple image:

Lip image:

See ya soon!


THE NIGHTMARE – Original Music Composition

Original music and orchestral composition “The Nightmare”, by Christopher Antoniou. This piece portrays the hostile dichotomy between hellish surrealism and intervals of blissful sleep, culminating in the single nightmare of extremes. This preview recording is with midi computer generated sounds from my score, yet providing an orchestra large enough play from my original score, a rounder and richer timbre would form. Classical music composition created by Christopher Antoniou ©.

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What makes a great adult colouring book?

The craze for grown-ups breaking out the crayons has taken the publishing world by storm over the past year. Amazon’s top 10 best-seller list currently contains four colouring books for adults. Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford has sold around 2m copies of her two colouring books. As she prepares to bring out another book in the autumn, BBC News met up with Johanna and Sophie Garner a colouring fan to find out the secret of colouring success. Some see the success of the books as a way to switch off from screens – Ms Basford calls it “digital detox” – others as a way to relieve stress. Video journalist: Nikki Nahal. Producer: Alexandra Fouche

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Emotional Piano Music – Postdrome (Original Composition)

An original called Postdrome. If you like this please click subscribe!!!
Relaxing with a hint of sadness, somewhere in between. With a turbulent middle section inspired by classical pieces by Mozart & Liszt.
I get migraines regularly. Anyone who gets them knows they aren’t fun. Most get blurry vision just before (Aura) then the actual migraine (Attack), after that theres a hangover sort of feeling thats called the Postdrome.
I was Postdrome while recording this.

The music reflects the mood I was in during it. It may sound cheesy but I do find it true that sometimes thoughts, emotions etc can be shown more accurately through music and art.

So I guess what is trying to come through here is the feeling of fatigue, with the underlying relief and peace but still lingering pain. I bet you’ve known this at some point in your life. How metaphorical. Everyones got their migraines.

It starts with a sad guitar melody with bass guitar then goes into an orchestral version of the melody, then into the classical mid section. And the third section is the melody from the start played on piano.

Hope you enjoy =)

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DIY Customized Graphic T-Shirt Tutorial

How to make an easy custom graphic t-shirt that lasts through washing!

Instagram: @colinjae

I’ve been using this technique on t-shirts for about 6 years now, and the paint lasts as long as the shirt. Usually, I remove the stencil right away, and less bleeding usually occurs this way! Make sure to follow the instructions for the paint for dry-time, heat setting and washing instructions. Box-cutter blades can be quite sharp, so use caution (or get a parent to help)!

Tobu – Infectious
Tobu – Hope


How to make a Website

How to make a Website Fast and Easy

If you make music, sell beats, products, offer a service, or have a brand you want to promote, having a website is a must. I make over $3,000 a month from this website through ads, promoting services, and selling products. Setting up a website doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money.

  • Website Host: This is an online server where your website is stored.
  • Website: This is a collection of web pages with your info.

Why You Need a Website

  • Create a Online Business – A website is accessible 24 hours a day to the entire world.
  • You can sell products automatically, promote services, and build a social following.
  • Large Audience – 2.4 Billion people use the internet daily and 90% of them purchase online.
  • Cheaper Marketing – A website is much cheaper than other forms of marketing and can create better results. Websites also improve customer confidence to build trust to buy.
  • Your Competition Has A Website – Get on a level to compete.
  • Build an email marketing list. Get search engine traffic. Improve credibility. Track visitors.

Multiple Income Streams

Examples of ways to make money.

  • Sell Music or Sell Beats
  • Sell Digital or Physical Products
  • Offer Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Advertising Spots
  • Membership Website

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COLOR WITH ME | Tools For Adult Coloring Books | INT’L ARRIVALS

It’s time to color!! Let’s try out a variety of new coloring accessories from International Arrivals!! I’ll use a variety of colored pencils, gel pens & fine tip markers in a Color-In’ Book titled Sweet Whimsy.

You can find these here:

Here’s a list of what I used:
Razzle Dazzle Colored Pencils
Rainbow Mechanical Colored Pencils
Color Luxe Gel Pens
Mighty Mini Gel Pens
Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers
Sweet Whimsy Travel Size Color-In’ Book

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How to Do Your Own Custom Designed T-Shirts & Vinyl Graphics

Design your own Custom T-Shirts & Vinyl Graphics using our Fonts & Graphics. Use our website & designers to make it happen

3 DIY T-Shirt cutting designs

Spring is here and it’s time to start renewing your wardrobe. If you have lots of old t-shirts you don’t wear anymore and love customizing t-shirts and clothes, then this tutorial is for you. Take a look at these 3 DIY T-Shirt cutting designs you can do at home with just a pair of scissors. They’re the latest to wear at the beach, music festival or casual event. Try it out and get cutting!

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Keys to a Good T-Shirt Design : T-Shirt Design Tips

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Making a good T-shirt design requires you to always be aware of a few key pieces of information. Get the keys to a good T-shirt design with help from the owner and operator of a printing company in this free video clip.

Expert: Ricky Yozamp
Bio: Ricky Yozamp is part of a family-owned-and-operated printing company that specializes in T-Shirt/Garment design and screen printing. They are also experts in all types of paper printing.
Filmmaker: Rudi Rose

Series Description: Designing your own T-shirts can be a great way to spread the word about your brand, company, product or can just be a great way to express your own creativity. Get T-shirt design tips with help from the owner and operator of a printing company in this free video series.


BEST of T-Shirt Designs EVER (HD)


BEST of Coolest T-Shirt EVER, Awesome T-Shirt Designs (HD)


Custom T-Shirt & Fabric Printing | Fun Kids Crafts with Todd Oldham and Kid Made Modern

Join Lilly, Darius and Todd to create fabric printed custom t-shirts with supplies that are laying around your home, such as, bottles, makeup sponges and bubble wrap!

You will need: fabric paint, bowls, brushes, bubble wrap, shoe laces, glass bottle, cardboard, glue, makeup sponges, and shirts.

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Emotional Piano Music – Just In Time (Original Composition)

An original piano piece called Just In Time.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been waiting, but it was starting to seem like he wasn’t going to show. She turned to walk away when she felt a familiar hand touch her arm from behind ‘Sorry I’m late’ she turned to face him, smiled and said…

I am not the artist of the artwork

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